The Young Ranger: Episode 4

Sorry about the delay in posting the next episode.  Preparing for NaNoWriMo takes time!

Episode 4: Woodcrafter Michael

After her meeting with the Earl, Laura was left in one hell of a bad mood.  Just the arrogance of the Earl to think he could control her!  Walking through the street, she could imagine her teacher, Tyler telling her that she should let it go.  A Ranger should never get emotional while on the job, the only thing that it served to do was skew the situation in one way and make it easier to miss something.

That didn’t help her feelings.

Laura had a list of things she had to get done today in order to make her clearing a place that she could live.  At the first food vendor she stopped and filled her bag with as many provisions as she could carry.  This would be her supply of food for the next few days.  Picking food that would last was important, so she bought rice, camping bread ingredients, a bag of fruit, and several other items.

Bag full, there was only one thing left to do.  Laura looked up at the vendor again after packing her bag.  “Madam, where can I find the local woodcrafter?”

Before going back onto the streets Laura had stowed her Ranger’s apparel and was wearing only her regular street clothes.  “Such manners on this one!”  The vendor stated excitedly.  “If you walk down the street, just before the exit out of the town, take a right, just down the alley on the right is the woodcrafter.

Laura walked slowly down the street, followed by her horse.  The path took 10 minutes.

A small inn and a forge sat on either side of an alley that appeared too small to have anything between them and the small town wall but as Laura walked down she found a small shopfront with no windows.  All that set it aside was the label of Woodcrafter on the front.  She knocked on the door politely.  If they weren’t there she didn’t want to just barge in.

The door swung open to show a young man, not much older than Laura herself.  “How can I help you Miss?”

“I need to commission a cabin to be built.”  Laura stated, kindly.

“I am sorry, there is just no way that we can do that.  Our work schedule is filled up until the end of the building season.”

Laura showed him her symbol of office, a small silver badge.  “Is there any way you can do it for a Ranger?”

“My father has all of his days booked up.  It will be hard for him to pull off every job as is.”

“Well what about you?”  Laura asked.

The young man looked her up and down, taking her in.  It wasn’t until that point that she noticed how attractive he was.  He seemed to be thinking over offering his services and Laura didn’t speak in fear that she might sway his decision to the negative.

“I think I can do that.  It is going to take a while, I might need your help, and it will have to be done in the evenings.”

“Done.  I am not averse to work.”

“Good, my name is Michael.”

“And I am Laura.”  The two exchanged details about the construction before wrapping up.

After they shook hands Laura walked away.  She could feel the stare of Michael behind her.  Many people stared at Rangers.  They weren’t as mythical as they once were, but they were travelers, law keepers, skilled fighters, and many other things all wrapped into one.  Any person would do good to be warry of them.

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