The Young Ranger Episode 2

We are here with another installment of the Young Ranger.  If you want to read Episode 1, please click here.  To find out what happens when Laura rides into town, read next week’s episode.

The Young Ranger Episode 2: A New Home

Reigning in her horse Maddy, Laura pulled to a stop in a clearing that matched up with her map.  A pile of firewood was nicely stacked under a small shed, a cleared patch of dirty stood in the middle, and a planting patch took up the far side of the clearing.  There was also a small shed attached to the firewood shed that was meant to be a stable for the local ranger’s horse.

The past two rangers had lived at the castle and no cabin had ever been built in the forest.  It was going to be up to Laura to build her own place to live here.  Until then, she would need to setup her own place to live.

After unsaddling her horse, she quickly took care of it.  Her orders didn’t specifically say that she was required to report to the castle right away.  She wanted to be completely reliant on her own residence and not under the thumb of the local ruler.  Rangers reported to the King, the Ranger Council, and several high ranking members of the kingdom.  Not local rulers.

The tent she had carrier on her saddle was not a big one but it would meet her needs.  With much effort she pitched the tent off to the side of the clearing, next to the planting patch.  The center would be where she built her new home.

For each of her belongings, Laura neatly placed them inside the tent.  Her bed role went to one side while her weapons and tools to the other.  Along with her few personal belongings.

Re-saddling Maddy, Laura hopped back on to head to the castle.  Luevelen castle wasn’t too far from where she was setting up a home in the forest.

She rode slowly through the forest.  Ranger training made her want to know every part of the place she lived and worked.  Taking in the forest would help her to learn the area quicker.  Most of the forest appeared untouched by any kind of human.  Besides game trails, there weren’t large trails.  That matched with what Laura knew of the area.  Mostly Leuvelen was home to farmers.

Twenty minutes after exiting the forest Laura crested a hill to see Leuvelen Castle.  The large stone castle had low walls, a huge central tower, and several buildings inside the walls.  The lower walls and overall design suggested a castle that was more for appearances than defense.  Spreading out below the castle was a small city, or a large town.  Unsure of what to call it exactly, Laura settled on a large town.  The lack of defenses made the determination for her.

Great.  Laura thought, she was going to be defending a section of the world that didn’t want to defend itself.

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