The Young Ranger Episode 1


Hello all!  I have started a new miniseries for my blog.  Every week or so I will post another 500 word section of Ranger Laura Selwyn.  These will be very short, glimpses into the fictional life of a ranger.  You will get to learn and grow with her as I create and develop the character.

While some of these shorts will be written ahead of time, there is very little planning that is going into it so the characters will develop over time and you will be discovering the characters as I do.

I want to use Ranger Laura Selwyn as a freewriting experience as well as a way to develop a more lengthy piece of writing.  Eventually I would like to have a compilation of the series that I can put together as an example of my writing but also as something that can be used to entertain others.


Laura sat between George and Miles, the two other graduating Ranger apprentices.  Both of them were bigger and older than her.  At 16 years, she was the youngest ranger’s apprentice to ever graduate.  Her early start in the program, along with the years of woodcraft her father had taught her, helped to make her progression quick.

A knot at the bottom of her stomach and a sick feeling reminded Laura that she was going to have to get in front of all of the onlookers very shortly.  She wasn’t used to crowds, hated them in fact.  The 124 rangers that made up the King’s Rangers all sat watching, along with a few family members who had been permitted to watch the sacred graduation.

Looking behind her, Laura was made even sicker as she was reminded that none of the guests were there for her.  At the age of 13 her father had passed away and instead of going to an orphanage she had managed to get Ranger Renessa to take her on as an apprentice.

The rapping of a hilt on the podium in front of her brought her attention back to the moment.  Lord Ranger Johnathan was at the front of the gathered group and his tall figure and respect brought everyone’s attention directly to him.

“Today we have gathered here to welcome three new rangers into our ranks.  Each one has been tested over the course of three years or more to ensure that they have the skills that are necessary to carry out the duties of a ranger…”

Laura got lost in the speech as pride boiled up in her mind.  Joining part of a prestigious group had been her goal for the last three years.  Obediently she had listened to every lesson and study every book she could get her hands on.

Memories of the last three years almost distracted her from noticing that she had been called to stand with the other two graduates.

With military precision all three graduates moved up to the slightly raised podium.  Looking out at the crowd paralyzed Laura as the first ranger was called to the podium.  Then it was her turn and with great difficulty she pulled her attention away from the crowd and walked up to Ranger Johnathan.

From below the podium he pulled a cloak, a paw print broach (the symbol of a ranger), and a sealed envelope.  She knew that the envelope contained her first orders.  Curiousity made her want to rip open the envelope there on the stage but as was protocol she resisted.  So much focus was needed to not tear it open.

After now Ranger Miles was given his graduation supplies, they were in a line at the other side of the podium.

“Rangers, welcome Rangers George Freeman, Laura Selwyn, and Miles Tar.”  Clapping echoed through the clearing and the celebration began.

Before she got off the stage, Laura opened up her envelope as family members greeted the others.

Guardian Ranger, Luevelen Fiefdom.  Report ASAP to Luevelen Forest.

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