[WP] Hermit


An isolated hermit slowly discovers that he is the last man on Earth.



George the hermit walked around inside his little house.  Making preparations for his annual venture in what he referred to as the wild city.  He had lived by himself separated from people for over 34 years now.  Once a year he made a trip into the city to gather any supplies for the year that he absolutely couldn’t grow or make himself.

With his faded olive drab messenger bag packed with homegrown food and carved wood to trade George closed the door to his hut and walked through the forest.  The nearest city was a three hour walk.  George had no car.

As he walked he took in the birds singing, the leaves falling, and all of the other signs of the forest that he loved so much.  He hated to leave the tree cover but in the modern world it is hard to survive alone so far from civilization.

It was when George was a couple of miles from the City of The Sun that he noticed that something was wrong.  The birds had stopped singing and something about the forest looked different as he approached the end of the trees.  George couldn’t put his finger on it yet though.

At the end of the trees he could see down the hill to the City of The Sun but something was missing.  There were no cars driving around, no people walking the streets.  He walked down the hill into the city, looking into every shop and store as he went.  Around every corner, through every door, there was no one to be found.  Not even a body.

George found a newspaper stand and pulled out a copy of the Daily City of The Sun Times.  The cover story answered his question despite the fact it was dated a week ago.

Mysterious Disappearances Continue Around the Globe

All around the world the mysterious disappearances have continued.  Scientists have been completely unable to explain the fact that no bodies have been found and that there are no traces of the people left.  They estimate that by the end of next week that 90% of the world’s population will be gone.

It continued even further but George couldn’t read on.  He couldn’t believe what he was reading.  Walking into store he picked up the supplies he would need then set off on a journey to find anyone.

There was no one to be found though.

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