[WP] Ass Hole Protagonist

Write me a story with a really likeable protagonist until the very last sentence, where he becomes a huge asshole



As I strode onto the bridge of the USS Joyceton I was happy to finally make it onto the bridge of a ship.  My service record was exemplary with successful missions from around the world.  I had done everything from providing aid to rescuing hostages.  The Joyceton was a wonderful ship to, a new class of destroyer that the fleet had just put into service.

“I am relieving you,”  I said to the guard at the door inside the bridge.

“I stand relieved.” The guard returned before he backed out of the hatch and went on his personal time.

The captain walked back and forth, pacing the bridge as he thought.  We weren’t at battle stations, but we were getting close to our mission.  Pirates had taken over the cargo vessel, Plain Jane.  Silently, we were to pull nearby and act as a launching platform for a team of Navy SEALs to go and rescue the hostages.

“Cut the lights.” The captain ordered as the Joyceton tossed and turned in the night.

Violently the ship was swept to port and the captain flew sideways.  A captain should never be seen as weak on his own ship so taking one quick step forward I reached out and prevented him from falling over.

“Thank you.”  It was whispered just loud enough for me to hear it.  The crew would have seen it, but it didn’t do any good to bring attention to it.

The ship continued to be buffeted back and forth, but the captain took his seat and was secure from any further hazards, for now.  Watching the navigation screen from the door I waited as we got closer and closer to the checkpoint where we would deploy the SEALs.  The mission was within reach.

My brethren were on that ship and I had to save them.  I stood dutifully by and watched over the crew as the ship continued on.  The market hit and the captain went to pick up the phone to call below to launch the SEALs.  He never made it, though.  Quicker than anyone could notice I was across the bridge and the captain’s throat was slit, my gun was in my other hand and shots rang out while I murdered the crew of the USS Joyceton for my brethren.

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