Website Redesign Update

For a while my website mainly focused on my freelancing work.  The website redesign that is currently underway is bringing it back to its original form, a blog.  For months the only fiction writing I have posted was the Reddit prompt.  I have done some minor fiction writing here and there since then but nothing major.

My goal from the website redesign is to bring a lot of the focus back to my fiction writing.  When my blog here was at its most active I was doing more writing.   Making regular posts and having a blog will hopefully get me back in the game.  November is coming up in not too long and I want to be ready for National Novel Writing Month.

After the website redesign there will still be plenty of information on my freelancing and professional writing services.  All of the pages that were previously there will still be there along with some new ones.  Blog content will also include some freelancing related posts.

Shameless plug: Should you be interested in my freelancing services please check out the pages on my website or my Fiverr account.

Over the next few days the website redesign will still be going on.  You will see some minor changes in addition to the major changes you have already seen.  There may be a few major changes but for the most part major changes were done during the first part of the website redesign.

Website Redesign Security

There have been a lot of spam comments and attempts to make accounts.  For now all accounts have been removed.  Over the next few days new security features will be implemented.  There should be no effects to the content currently on the website.  If anyone notices anything please let me know.

Email subscribers have not been changed.  If you previously subscribed to the blog you will continue to get updates.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about the website redesign please let me know! 

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