Updated Reading List

My reading list has been updated.  Books that have been read since last update are blue.  Books started since last are green.  Books added without being started are orange.

    • Brad Taylor’s One Rough Man
    • Brad Taylor’s Necessary Force
    • Boyd Morrison’s The Vault
    • Boyd Morrison’s The Ark
    • Boyd Morrison’s The Catalyst
    • Garth Nix’s The Fall
    • Garth Nix’s Castle
    • Garth Nix’s Aenir
    • Garth Nix’s Above The Viel
    • Garth Nix’s Into Battle
    • Garth nix’s The Violet Keystone
    • Sam Lipsyte’s The Ask
    • Garth Nix’sFast Ships, Black Sails
    • Archer Mayor’s Open Season
    • Archer Mayor’s Borderlines
    • Archer Mayor’s Scent of Evil 
    • Archer Mayor’s Skeleton’s Knee
    • Archer Mayor’s Fruits of the Poisonous Tree
    • Archer Mayor’s The Dark Root
    • Kristin Cashore’s Graceling
    • Kristin Cashore’s Fire (reading)
    • Kristin Cashore’s Bitterblue
    • Bear Grylls’s Mud, Sweat, and Tears
    • Faith hunter’s Bloodring: A Rogue Mage Novel (reading)
    • Hamilton Wright Mabie’s Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know
    • Lynne Truss Eats, Shoots, And Leaves (reading)
    • Jim Butcher’s Cold Days

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