[WP] The Arks


During a flight you accidentally damage a window and find out that they aren’t actually windows, but monitors.


I know I took a little bit of liberties with the prompt itself but if one can’t do that there isn’t much point in having prompts.

 The Arks

As I sat in the seat of the six passenger shuttle I couldn’t help but feel the need to pee.  I believe it to be some psychological force that as soon as you sit down for a flight you instantly have to go to the bathroom and you never want to get up to use the shuttle bathrooms.  On a shuttle this small the bathroom was smaller than a closet.  Just big enough to sit down and close the door.  And because of the small space of the shuttle if someone were to take a poop it would smell up the whole ship for days.

I made it fifteen minutes into the thirty minute trip to Ark II, Earth’s only other long range exploration space ship, before I just couldn’t hold it anymore.  I stood up and walked carefully in the low artificial gravity.  Pushing off to hard could result in me bouncing my head off the ceiling and I didn’t want a headache for the rest of my duty shift as a ship’s mechanic.

I squeezed into the little closet of a bathroom and did my business.  When I was done I wiped my hand with the hand sanitizer and walked out of the bathroom.

My seat was the window seat, which in space, meant that you could see the stars and that’s about it.  I would have preferred the aisle seat but that’s what I got for showing up late.

As I was crossing in front of the large man who sat in the aisle seat he accidentally bumped me.  On Earth, or even on the Arks which had better gravity generation, the bump wouldn’t have done anything.  On the shuttle it sent me towards the window.  I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t grab onto anything quick enough.  With what I thought wasn’t much force I knocked into the window.

A soft cracking noise came from the window and I held my breath as I expected to hear the sound of atmosphere venting.  Everyone on the shuttle was quiet and staring at me.  When I didn’t hear any hissing I managed to negotiate my way to the ground.  I turned around to look at the window and saw why everyone was still staring.  Where there should have been a view into space there was a cracked, dead monitor.

Then I felt something I hadn’t felt for 20 years, since I was last on Earth.  Gravity, not week artificial gravity, real gravity.  All of us on the shuttle looked at each other.  It appeared none of us knew what was going on.

With a creek the external door at the rear of the shuttle began opening.  I thought I was a goner for sure and when I didn’t die I thought I was already dead.

A man in a suit stepped into the shuttle and by suit I do not mean a space suit.  At this point I didn’t know what to think.

“Ladies and gentlemen we need to talk about project ARK.”  He addressed us.

“You aren’t wearing a space suit.”  The comment was so obvious that under any other circumstances it would have been stupid.  Under these circumstances I had almost said it myself.

“No, no I am not and you aren’t in space.”

Not. In. Space.  If we weren’t in space what had we been doing for the last 20 years?

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