NaNoWriMo 14 Chapter 3 Revision 1

Hello all, below is Chapter 3 from my NaNoWriMo 14!


I stepped off the plane into the summer heat I proceeded immediately to baggage claim where I picked up both of my duffle bags, the first one had my Air Force gear, the other my personal belongings that I might need while at Bragg.  With my new posting being classified I had decided to wear civilian clothes, they were also more comfortable for the flight.  As I stepped out into the open air I was even more glad for the civilian clothes because the temperature only got hotter.

Looking around I found the sign for the airport shuttles and I headed off in that direction.  I didn’t have a car here so I was going to have to rely on the provided transportation.  A man moved into my way, blocking any way to the shuttles.  He was tall with an average build, short black hair, and sun glasses.  He wore fitting black jeans and a black button down shirt.

“Lieutenant Taylor, my name is Staff Sergeant Randy Douglas.  I am here to bring you to Bragg.”

“Who sent you?”  It was unusual to have someone to come pick up a single officer on a change of station, especially a training assignment.

“Captain Derrick sent me.”

At James’ name I relaxed.  If he knew James’ name there was little chance he was there to spy on me or to do me harm.

“SarahJane.”  I offered my hand to him.  “Sorry I was just surprised that they would send someone for me.  Also wanted to make sure you weren’t trying to gather information.”

“Randy, come with me the car is this way.”  He didn’t seem to be one for words or emotion.

He grabbed for one of my duffel bags and at first I refused.  Then I gave it over to him.  We crossed the street and he led me to a black sedan with dark windows.  Both of my bags went into the trunk and I climbed into the passenger’s seat.

As we drove through the city I tried on several occasions to get Sergeant Douglas to talk but he had nothing to say to me so I ended up watching the scenery as we drove.  The city around Fort Bragg was no where near the size that I was used to.

The entrance to Fort Bragg had a sign that read “Fort Bragg, Home of The Airborne and Special Operations Forces.”  Trees and decorative plants were put off by the metal cover that sat above the eight lane entrance to the base.  The base itself was something I could get used to.  It was a mix of modern buildings and older buildings.  Landscaping lined the roads and sides of buildings.

We continued on through the main portion of the base past the barracks.  Douglas stopped the car out front of an older three level apartment building.  It was painted white but time had faded the color.  My old Base Maintenance Unit would even have been embarrassed about the appearance of the building.

Getting out Douglas opened the trunk and before I could get to it he had removed one of the bags.  I took my second bag and followed him up the stairs to the far end of the second floor.  My hand carrying the bag was hurting by the time I got to the door.  He removed a key from his pocket and opened the door.

“This is your apartment for the duration of training.”  Douglas said.

A smell of oldness wafted out of the door.  It was one of those smells that while it wasn’t necessarily bad, it didn’t smell right.  As I stepped in I was greeted by an old carpet with equally as old furniture.  I set my bag down next to the door.

Douglas carried my other bag over to a small dining table and set the keys down on the table along with the bag.

“These are the keys to the apartment.”  He pointed to another set of keys.  “These are to a gold Honda Civic parked outside.  It is yours to use during training.  Make sure it is fueled before the end of training, just like a rental car.  If you need anything else during training contact the instructors.”

“Will do, thank you Staff.”

“My pleasure Ma’am, maybe I will see you around.”  The mystery in his voice was the first real emotion in his voice.

I set off to bring my bags to the bedroom and explore what little space the apartment appeared to have.  The door led into the apartment let out in a small living room/dining area, the wall here was an off white.  A small hallway led to the back of the apartment.  The first open section off the hallway was a kitchen that barely fit the appliances that were in it.  All of the kitchenware appeared to be circa 1980’s.  The next room was a small bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet.  A mirror cabinet sat above the sink and although it looked clean most of its shine was missing.

The last door at the end of the hallway was a bedroom that was about the same size as the living room.  A full bed sat against the wall in one corner while a small, unfinished dresser sat across from it.  Just next to the door was a small desk that matched the dresser.

After making the bed with sheets from one of my duffels I went to the kitchen to inspect my appliances and discover my cooking capabilities.  A note was taped on to the fridge:

Report to TF Headquarters at 0700 hours on Monday July 29th.  You will be issued appropriate uniforms and training will be explained to you.  If you should need anything contact your instructors.

At the bottom of the note was a phone number and the name MSgt. Yates.  After copying the phone number into my cell phone I destroyed the note.  It was what they did in spy movies so I felt it was fitting.


Writing Prompt #2: Wrong Bathroom

Prompt taken from Writers Digest

You head into the bathroom at work, walk into a stall and close the door. Moments later, as you leave the stall, you notice two people standing there and there’s one major problem: They are of the opposite sex. On the spot, you make up an excuse as to why you are in their bathroom.

I instantly froze in place.  I didn’t know what to say or do.  What could I say?  What could I do?  I looked down at myself.  I was still wearing my black slacks and light blue button down shirt with a nice tie.  Nervously, I looked back at the stall.  Then it came to me and with confidence I turned back around.

“Someone called my desk and said the toilets flush backwards in this bathroom.  I had to see it for myself.”  I chuckled as I walked out of the bathroom.

Who could blame me for being curious and having the maturity of a child.  I handled that like a boss.

I walked back to my desk where I proceeded to get back to work.  It didn’t take long for my phone to start ringing.  When I looked down at the caller ID it was my boss’s name.

“Johnson! I heard you were in the woman’s tenth floor restroom.  Is it true the toilets flush backwards there?”

I covered the phone receiver and laughed evilly.  “Yes sir they do.  I have never seen anything like it before.”

HR is going to hate me… It was worth it.


NaNoWriMo 2013 Page 1

It’s been a while since I have posted any of my written work so I thought I would give you the first page of my NaNoWriMo 2013 work.

Oliver sat in his patrol car, parked in an alley in Port Angeles, Washington.  The night around him was dark and very few houses still had their lights on at this time of night, or morning, as it was 3 am.  So far the night had been normal, which was always a bad sign.  A few publicly intoxicated individuals and a request from the fire department to help with crowd control.

“All cars be advised, the United States has just gone to DEFON 2.  Check your computers for more details.”

Breaking the darkness inside his car Oliver turned on the computer mounted to the middle of the police cruiser.  An envelope at the bottom of the screen indicated that he had a new message.  Before opening the message he took a deep breath.  DEFCON was the country’s defense condition for nuclear attacks.  Level 5 was no current nuclear threat.  Going from 5 to 2 meant the world was on the edge of nuclear war.  Teetering on the verge of what apocalyptic fans had been preparing for for years.

When he opened the message with a tap of the screen he released his breath.  A letter from the White House was on the screen.  It was addressed to all law enforcement agencies in the United States.  It read:

To All Law Enforcement Agencies In The United States of America and It’s Territories:

As of  0600  hundred hours EST the United States of America has escalated it’s DEFCON level from 5 to 2.  All agencies are to be prepared to respond to nuclear disasters and should be prepared to recover should a nuclear attack happen.

At 0500 hours EST the website known as Wikileaks posted military and intelligence secrets from around the globe.  Other countries have already started pointing fingers and placing blame.  Some countries appear to be readying themselves for a global war.  We hope this does not happen but should it happen we count on all of you in law enforcement to keep your communities calm and safe.

Should we receive further relevant information it will be forwarded on to all of you.  God’s speed and good luck.


The Office Of The President of The United States of America


Reading List and Update


The reason I have been slack on posting is that I am back to work and on top of that trying to start a new literary journal with the lovely staff over at The Brave New Word (  Today is our second full day taking submissions and the traffic through the site is amazing!

Reading List

On my old website before iPage broke down I had a reading list for 2012.  I am going to attempt to recreate that here.  Basically, it is all the books I have read and want to read before the end of the year.  This shall be updated soon with much more books to read.  Most of my reading gets done over the summer while I am at work.

  • Brad Taylor’s One Rough Man 
  • Brad Taylor’s Necessary Force
  • Boyd Morrison’s The Vault
  • Boyd Morrison’s The Ark
  • Boyd Morrison’s The Catalyst
  • Garth Nix’s The Fall
  • Garth Nix’s Castle
  • Garth Nix’s Aenir
  • Garth Nix’s Above The Viel
  • Garth Nix’s Into Battle
  • Garth nix’s The Violet Keystone
  • Sam Lipsyte’s The Ask
  • Garth Nix’sFast Ships, Black Sails
  • Archer Mayor’s Open Season (reading)
  • Lynne Truss Eats, Shoots, And Leaves (reading)