Novlr: An Online Tool For Writers

Hello All!  During the month of November I used a service called Novlr to write Shao Island.  The service is an online writing platform.  It allows you to network your writing so you can access it from anywhere.

Overall Novlr was exactly what I was looking for, a platform for creative writers that is online.  This platform provided a place to write your actual story and a place to write notes.  It was clean and had multiple themes to make writing at different times of day easier.  It also allowed for download in a nicely formatted manuscript.

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Bettering Me, A Journey To A Better Me

Bettering Me - Screen Capture

About a month ago I launched a blog for my weight loss goals.  I realized that I needed to get in better shape.  With my background in writing I decided that a blog would be a great way to help motivate my weight loss progress.  The blog is titled Bettering Me.

So far Bettering Me has over 40 posts with new ones coming out Monday through Friday.  Friends and family have expressed their interest in the blog and I am very happy with results.

Bettering Me is an example of my blog writing.

Those who are looking for samples of my work can visit Bettering Me to get an idea of my casual writing style.  Every post that has me labeled as the writer, is in fact, written by me.  While the main intention of Bettering Me is bettering me it will also serve as a portfolio enhancer for those who are looking to see more of my work.

Website Redesign Update

Featured Image - Website Redesign

For a while my website mainly focused on my freelancing work.  The website redesign that is currently underway is bringing it back to its original form, a blog.  For months the only fiction writing I have posted was the Reddit prompt.  I have done some minor fiction writing here and there since then but nothing major.

My goal from the website redesign is to bring a lot of the focus back to my fiction writing.  When my blog here was at its most active I was doing more writing.   Making regular posts and having a blog will hopefully get me back in the game.  November is coming up in not too long and I want to be ready for National Novel Writing Month.

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Major Website Changes and an Update

Hello readers!  I have gone through and greatly changed how my website looks and where things appear.  This is due to my entry into the freelancing industry and needing to get my name out there.

When I originally started working on Fiverr I didn’t think it was going to lead to much of anything.  Boy have I been surprised so far.  At the time of writing this I have made over $172 in the first couple of months alone.  This does not even include the projects that I am currently working on.

Additionally, I have been trying to break into writing on Elance and have gotten my first gig on there.  That one is still in progress and I will try to update you a little more on that as it goes along.

With my day job and freelancing my writing time has been very low.  I am trying to change that and hope to have some more posts to you soon.  I also wanted to let you know that for now Training SarahJane has been put on the bookshelf to be worked on later.  A lot of critiquers were saying that it didn’t look like it could go anywhere and I want to try my hand at something else.  I plan to return to it sometime in the future.