Character Development: Snowflake Method

Featured Image - Character Development

The main focus of the snowflake method is to develop your plot, but character development is equally as important.  For some writers, it is even more important.  I found that while the first few steps of the snowflake method help me to start draft ideas, it isn’t until I get to the character development stages that my novel starts to take most of its shape.  This is because I am very character driven.

Character development starts in step three of the snowflake method but in step five really starts to take its form.  I use a Character Development Sheet to help me start to fledge out my characters.  Feel free to check it out and use it for your own writing.

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Normally I go on StumbleUpon when I am looking for something funny or random.  Today I found something a little different.  I discovered the writing category can be really helpful, not to mention just plain cool.

For those of you who don’t know,, is a website that gives you random other websites at the click of a button. When you make your account you can customize the categories of websites you want StumbleUpon to give you.

One of those categories is writing.  Let me just show you a few of websites I found using StumbleUpon that fall under the tag writing.

This website gives a very brief guide to writing that I found inspiring.  The shortness makes it even better!

StumbleUpon stumbles you upon great lists like this.  I know I am pretty bad with problem words and phrases so it helps.

This webpage is pretty simple.  It contains a list of stories told in one sentence.

So go take a look at  There is also a browser bar for some of the most popular browsers.