Eilis O’Neal’s The False Princess

Before I go into my review I first have to say I love this author’s name.  It is spelled Eilis O’Neal, but is pronounced A-lish.  That isn’t all though, her middle name is Arwen.   And according to her those have both been her names since birth (a.k.a. she hasn’t changed it).

The False Princess is Eilis’s first book.  I read it on Kindle so I am sure it is not the same as paper edition, it usually isn’t.  The reason I mention that I read the Kindle edition is that there were spelling errors and grammar errors.  They didn’t detract from the story – most of the time.  There were several times when I would be reading and the words would be out of order then I would have to read it again a couple times to get it right in my head.  This is a problem I have heard of being common in Kindle books, they don’t get as good of an editing job before they get published as the paper edition does.  It would be interesting to see if this was the case here too.  Other than these spelling errors I would give the book a 4.5 stars out of 5.  The story was a fun read and got done with it in three days.

The False Princess tells the story of a sixteen year old girl that finds out that she is not the real princess.  When she gets banished to a small village away from the palace she discovers she has magic and moves back to the capitol city.  Once there she discovers that her replacement might not be what everyone thinks she is and decides that she must figure out what is going on.  With out of control magic, friendships on the brink of being lost, and a crazy mentor, will Sinda be able to save the kingdom?

Find out for yourself at http://www.eilisoneal.com/the-false-princess/ or http://amazon.com.


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Into The Void

An excerpt from a piece I am writing.

Pioneer 10 left earth on March 2nd, 1972; it was the first space craft to leave the solar system.  Earth lost contact with the probe on January, 23 2003.  We had insignificant power to reach the probe.  Pioneer 11 followed its predecessor on April 6th, 1973.  Contact was lost on November 30th 1995, it’s antenna could not be turned to point towards Earth.  Voyager 2 was launched on August 20th, 1977.  Less than a month later on September 5th, 1977 Voyager 1 was launched.  By 2015 both Voyagers had lost camera ability, two years later they stopped transmitting data back.  In 2022 the Voyagers stopped sending data.  In 2025 the Voyagers stopped receiving data.

All of these probes had one thing in common, they all contained messages from Earth including maps, schematics, populous information, and other details about the human race.  Some argued that if there was intelligent life out there that it was enough for an alien species to invade Earth.  Most people believed that none of the probes would ever find any intelligent life.