[WP] Ass Hole Protagonist

Write me a story with a really likeable protagonist until the very last sentence, where he becomes a huge asshole



As I strode onto the bridge of the USS Joyceton I was happy to finally make it onto the bridge of a ship.  My service record was exemplary with successful missions from around the world.  I had done everything from providing aid to rescuing hostages.  The Joyceton was a wonderful ship to, a new class of destroyer that the fleet had just put into service.

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This is a small piece I did for Sociology 222.  The assignment was pretty simple, go out and observe people on the street and in a store from the point of view of an alien.  This alien knows nothing about earth culture or customs.  It is unedited but I will be editing and posting a new version soon :).

When I crashed on this planet I didn’t know what to expect.  I landed in an empty lot in the middle of the planet’s dark rotation.  When it became light I climbed out of my craft into the light I found the last thing I expected to find.  There were beings of multiple kinds.  Several smaller ones walking on four legs being led on some sort of tether by beings on two legs.  Miraculous creatures on wings swooped through the air being ignored by the others.  With the cloak activated on my ship no one was able to notice me.

Weirdest of all though was how these two-legged creatures interacted with each other.  They moved back and forth on their legs and in vehicles of some kind.  Either way they paid no attention to those around them.  Moving in front of others causing a loud beep to be issued from other vehicles.

When I walked unseen into a shelter with strange lettering I found myself in some sort of storage facility.  These beings walked in and out, only speaking to others behind a partial wall.  Some occasionally opened reflective metal boxes in the wall and took items out of them.  There was very little interaction from what I was able to observe.  Upon leaving there was yet more of these vehicles moving back and forth.

It was not like my world had been like back when we had had ground vehicles.  Alonians had been a free talking and friendly.  You could barely pass another without them greeting you with a big look.