NaNoWriMo 2014 Finale

So November has had its ups and downs as far as writing is concerned.  There were days when I did no writing and there were days when I did double the writing.  Some days I knew what to write and other days I didn’t know what to write.

Early in the morning Sunday November 30th, 2014 I crossed that line.  The one that goes from 49,999 words to 50,000 words.  Once again I hath been crowned a victor of the pen… uhem I mean of the keyboard.


NaNoWriMo 2014 Week 1 Plus Or Minus a Day or Two

Week 1 of NaNoWriMo went well up until Friday when a family member came to visit.  I may have started today behind but I made up the time and a little extra.  I feel confident I will complete this on time.

I am trying something I don’t normally do for writing this.  First, it is all hosted on Google Docs so I can access it on any one of my computers.  But also I have created a second file on my Google Drive that contains an outline, a list of character names, and other notes, all in one file.  It has so far helped me as a reference on multiple occasions.  We have finished week 1 and overall in my story I feel like I am at the right point but I will spend a little bit of time today and tomorrow going back over what I have written and adding some detail and changing it up a little bit.  I feel like that has been one of my mistakes recently, that I haven’t gone back and worked on what I have already started.  I already did that before I posted this in multiple places.

Here is a chart of what my word count has looked like so far:

See the reworked beginning of the novel below.  Enjoy and keep an eye out because the first chapter may be coming to Scribophile soon.


The McChord Air Force Base BX housed the base Starbucks.  It was a medium size establishment as far as Starbucks go, there was a counter and several tables, a couch, and two arm chairs.  Shelves displayed coffee machines and bags of coffee.  A few airman were sharing coffee at the table closest to the door and a group of wives sat around a small table in the arm chairs and on the couch.

I walked up to the counter and ordered a strawberry smoothie.  The only time time I drank coffee was when I was in the field and needed to stay awake or blend in.  Even then I preferred energy drinks.  Coffee leaves an awful taste in your mouth that is hard to get rid of.

Within minutes my coffee was ready and I stood at the edge of the counter waiting for the person I was meeting.  From the counter I could see the entrance and no one could come up behind me.  Maybe a little paranoid for being on a military base but my career so far had taught me that it was better to be safe than sorry.

I didn’t have to wait long.  A redhead walked in wearing her Air Force Airman Battle Uniform.  Her hair was pulled up in the regulation bun and a cover sat in her cargo pocket.  2nd Lieutenant’s bars, lovingly referred to as butter bars sat on her shoulders.  At first glance someone might dismiss her as being a smaller woman, her build by nature hid the strength that I had seen her train long and hard for.

In college she had been in Air Force ROTC and upon graduating had been sent away to train with the USAF Security Forces.  From there she was stuck here on McChord AFB awaiting assignment.  I could only imagine how frustrated that was making her.

During college I had also had a crush on her.  It was hard not to like a woman who was so dedicated.  She lived to better herself and believed in doing the right thing.  She was also very attractive and stood out in a crowd, not just because of her red hair but also because of her confidence.

Today had to be purely professional, all emotion had to be left out of it.  I was here for business and that was the way it was going to stay.  Still I couldn’t help watching her as she ordered her drink.  True to form she ordered a complex dream full caffeine that I couldn’t keep track of.  Complex, that explained her well.

With my free hand I adjusted my suit.  It fit my cover better than my military uniform.  On the books I was now a Special Investigator Lead.