[WP] Ass Hole Protagonist

Write me a story with a really likeable protagonist until the very last sentence, where he becomes a huge asshole



As I strode onto the bridge of the USS Joyceton I was happy to finally make it onto the bridge of a ship.  My service record was exemplary with successful missions from around the world.  I had done everything from providing aid to rescuing hostages.  The Joyceton was a wonderful ship to, a new class of destroyer that the fleet had just put into service.

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[WP] Hermit


An isolated hermit slowly discovers that he is the last man on Earth.



George the hermit walked around inside his little house.  Making preparations for his annual venture in what he referred to as the wild city.  He had lived by himself separated from people for over 34 years now.  Once a year he made a trip into the city to gather any supplies for the year that he absolutely couldn’t grow or make himself.

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[WP] The Arks


During a flight you accidentally damage a window and find out that they aren’t actually windows, but monitors.


I know I took a little bit of liberties with the prompt itself but if one can’t do that there isn’t much point in having prompts.

 The Arks

As I sat in the seat of the six passenger shuttle I couldn’t help but feel the need to pee.  I believe it to be some psychological force that as soon as you sit down for a flight you instantly have to go to the bathroom and you never want to get up to use the shuttle bathrooms.  On a shuttle this small the bathroom was smaller than a closet.  Just big enough to sit down and close the door.  And because of the small space of the shuttle if someone were to take a poop it would smell up the whole ship for days.

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