Personal Blog

I decided to start a personal blog for myself, mainly to help me write more.  So far it has helped a lot.  I have written more than a few posts for it.  No, I will not be posting the blog name, url, or other detailed information about it on here.  I want to keep it seperate and give me a place to write that isn’t connected to the rest of my life.  That way I will be able to let my writing flow almost unihibited.

Why mention it on here then?  I mention the idea of having a personal blog because it has already helped me keep on track in my personal writing.  I have worked on a short story and done more writing towards my current work in progress.  Just a tip. 😉


Haven’t seen a new post in a while?  That’s because there hasn’t been.  I overloaded with credits last quarter and turned in a 154 page senior project.  Additionally, I have been training to pass physical tests for the police academies I have applied to.  This quarter I have a regular amount of classes so there should be more content coming.

English 314 – Writing Fictions: Longer Forms

This quarter I am taking English 314 with Dr. Meyers.  So far the class is extremely enjoyable.  Not only that though, it includes writing prompts to open the class.  If you have been following my blog in the past you can probably guess what that means… regular prompts.  I will be posting my responses to most of the in class prompts on here.   I might also post other work for this class.  We shall see, it is only the second week of the class.


Since the last time I was on my blog I have finished several books and the regular recap of the books I have read will be posted soon.

Personal Writing Update

Currently I am working on a piece titled “Noble Lady by Birth, Lady Warrior by Heart.”  It is a fantasy piece set in a kingdom known as Hiddenvalle.  More details will come as the story progresses.  But it is my piece for my English 314 class so it will get worked on.