Christopher Nuttall’s Bookworm

Christopher Nuttall’s book Bookworm is an interesting tale of a librarian who does not know her parents.  When the Great Sorcer dies and Elaine opens a book that deposits the whole Great Library into her head, including the forbidden books.  At the same time as Elaine fears for her life she finds a new bravery that allows her to hunt for clues as to what happened to her which leads to political mischief that she never would have guessed.

Bookworm has elements of both science and magic intertwined in the story.  Magic leads to all sciences in the book.  Magic appears as a shortcut to what can be otherwise achieved, therefore those with magic are higher in society.  I cannot help but feel the work is a comment on society today.  This is one of the reasons I have chosen not to read another one of Nuttall’s books for the time being.  When I go to read I want to read something that is fiction and if it has comments on society I want to be able to read over them instead of being reminded of them.  I like the idea of reading transporting me to a new world.