Synopsis From English 314

For the final product in English 314 one of the things we had to do was right a page long synopsis of our piece that we worked on throughout the quarter despite the fact it isn’t done.  This was a hard thing to do because I knew what I wanted to happen in the end but not necessarily everything that would get it there.  I figured I would share it with you!

Noble by Birth, Warrior by Heart is the story of Quinn Lisong, who grows up the daughter of a nobleman.  Quinn has always craved the life of a knight but the problem is girls are not allowed to be knights and her parents agree.  Stuck at home while her best friend Aurora is training to be a knight Quinn resolves to keep up her training and practices the skills of a warrior by herself.

When Quinn’s hometown is attacked she barely makes it out of the town with her family’s caretaker, Elsia, and her brother.  As they escape Quinn makes her first kill in battle and is surprised by how much of a toll it takes on her mentally.  After getting supplies from where she hides her training gear, Quinn and party try to make an escape but Quinn passes out at the sight of a mysterious fireball.  Elsia carries/drags her threw the forest and when Quinn comes to she lead them to an inn where she runs into Aurora, seemingly by coincidence.

The calm of the inn doesn’t last long.  Another fireball appears in the air, this time Quinn’s reaction isn’t as strong but she knows that she must leave.  Some instinct is telling her to run.  On the run, now with Aurora, Quinn tries to hide her feelings about killing a man until they reach the capitol, get help, and rescue her family.

Since the raiders have spread up towards the capitol, the queen cannot provide help right away.  Angry, disappointed, and sad Quinn goes to her families rooms at the capitol and is surprised to find someone waiting for her.  When she sees him she feels a small buzz in her stomach that she can’t explain.

Aurora doesn’t trust this new stranger but Quinn feels a connection to him.  As she learns about a new magickal world that exists and how many things in the last few days have been planned out, and not coincidence, she finds a way to rescue her family.  Putting all of her emotions aside she must take over the rule of the magickal kingdom that her parents must rule and save the day.