Cold Days (Book 14 Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher

I finished Cold Days and finally had time in my schedule to post a review.

Cold Days picks up where Harry Dresden is no longer dead, or anywhere near it.  Dresden may wish he was dead though.  He is now the tool of Mab, the Winter Queen and she is putting him to the test.  Day after day of fighting to stay alive.  Then when he is finally given his first task it is unbelievable.  The Faerie Ladies deceive Dresden and as often happens he falls into the trap of trusting the wrong person.

Butcher uses  his usual comic writing for Dresden making the book as enjoyable as usual.  Were you left with questions about what was happening in the last book?  In any of the books?  Harry Dresden’s life, and the world he lives in, is brought into focus in this book answering questions and revealing secrets.  Often Harry has felt like forces were stacked against him and at the end of the day decided that they weren’t.  Well maybe they were.  Has every enemy that Dresden fought led to one disturbing truth?  Either read Cold Days or go to Demon Reach to find out.