The Hunger Games Trilogy

I decided to read the Hunger Games Trilogy on a recommendation from a friend and based on the fact that I liked the movie.  After watching the movie I was not prepared for the darkness that appeared in the books; the death, the political commentary, the torture.  Even Katniss has been made into a brighter character in the movie.  Where she is always pretty in the movie and not very timid, she appears timid and not the prettiest in the book.   Despite the darkness, Suzanne Collin’s does a fabulous job at writing this series.

The series is about a girl, Katniss Everdeen, who is pitted against 23 other opponents in an arena known as the Hunger Games.  To survive she must kill of the other contestants, and no this isn’t some video game.  When winning with the other tribute from her District (hometown), she angers the game makers and the President.  What will she do to survive?  Run and hide or become something closer to the character we see in the movie?  Smart, calculating, and not scared.

Here is the trailer for the first movie:


Here is the Trailer for the second movie:

I recommend this book as with most of the books I read and review; however, I suggest that it not be given as a gift to kids who can’t stand dark stories.  So pick up a copy at your local book store or on your Kindle (like I did) and read it.  Remember, may the odds be forever in your favor!