ENGL-314 Writing Fiction: Longer Forms

My last month or so has been pretty dark posting wise, as in I haven’t posted since May 10th.  Part of the reason was the reduced number of writing prompts in class but it was also due to the fact that is was my final quarter at Seattle University.  That’s right, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree :).  I felt like along with that I should post a review of the English class that I took in my last quarter.

The title was “English 314 – Writing Fiction: Longer Forms” and was taught by Dr. Susan Meyers, an assistant professor in the English Department.  At first, when the class started, I was worried that I wouldn’t have the experience necessary to be an active part of the class.  Almost everyone in the class appeared to have been an English Major in at least their sophomore year.  Some were even in their senior year and I had only taken a couple of non-required English classes.

After the first critique session my opinion of the class changed though.  I was worried that my piece was too genre based as it was strongly fantasy and no one else’s was that strong, at least so far.  Instead everyone had a lot of helpful suggestions and no one appeared to be completely against it.  No one said it wasn’t worth it or that the piece was rubbish so I felt a lot better.  With the critiques I received on both my chapters of my piece and the materials taught in class I was able to revamp the first section of my work Lady by Birth, Warrior by Heart and improve it significantly.  It is still a work in progress but I feel like this class helped improve it greatly.

If you like creative writing, especially in the longer forms, such as novels or novellas or any of the new long forms and go to Seattle University, check out this class.  You don’t have to be an English Major, it will be better if you know a little bit about writing in the educational world such as the steps of publishing and the likes but even if you don’t know that you should be fine.  This class will help you be a better writer!