Writing Prompt #1: Zombie Killer

Prompt taken from Writers Digest

It’s the last day of school and you’re clearing out your locker when your best friend runs up to you out of breath. “You have to come with me right now,” your friend says. “It’s a matter of life and death.” So you rush with your friend to the cafeteria, only to find several of your classmates have been turned into zombies. What they don’t know is that, you are secretly a superhero who kills zombies. Write this scene.

Upon seeing the zombies emerge from the scene of terror in the cafeteria I froze for a second.  Killing zombies at night when they emerged from their day-sleep was one thing.  These zombies were among the people I studied with and grew up with for the last three years of high school.

As the first zombie ran at us I ducked under its flailing arm and pushed it hard into the wall.  After it hit the wall I threw a kick at it that landed on its neck, separating the spine at the neck.  The creature that used to be a classmate fell limply to the ground.

Out of my pocket I produced two Japanese style honest-to-goodness throwing stars which I threw at the remaining two.  Both stars hit their mark with barely any noise and the zombies fell to the ground.  Calmly I walked up to the zombies and removed the stars.

At closer inspection both of the zombies already had blood in their mouth.  Both had already bit people in the cafeteria.  Slowly but surely the virus that created zombies would be spread among everyone who wasn’t quick enough to get out of there.

I turned around and looked at my friend.  He had a stunned look on his face.  We had all heard about the zombies and the threat they posed to public safety but very few people actually sought them out like I did.  Snapping my fingers in front of his face I broke him out of his daze and grabbed his arm to pull him away from the cafeteria and the zombies.

“Thank you for saving me but what are you thinking?”

“That someone needs to do something.”