Borderlines Archer Mayor

Joe Gunther’s second adventure, Borderlines by Archer Mayor, does not let the readers down.  Despite the instability of Lt. Gunther’s feelings and attitudes he is still a character you want to love.  In Borderlines Gunther is attached to a small town State’s Attorney.

When he arrives in the small town where he spent his childhood summers he finds everyone changed.  The town has new occupants “The Natural Order.”  When punches start flying and people start dying, Lt. Gunther is drawn into a detailed case in a town where he has very little to no jurisdiction.  He must unravel an ever-changing series of events.

My only complaint about this book is Mayor’s writing style when there is dialogue.  Occasionally instead of line breaks or differentiation between characters there will be one character talking, a sentence in between and another character talking.  As far as I know this isn’t actually a no-no, it is just something I don’t see that often.  It doesn’t detract from the book so after reading his first book try picking this one up.

Reading List Update

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