Writing Prompt #2: Wrong Bathroom

Prompt taken from Writers Digest

You head into the bathroom at work, walk into a stall and close the door. Moments later, as you leave the stall, you notice two people standing there and there’s one major problem: They are of the opposite sex. On the spot, you make up an excuse as to why you are in their bathroom.

I instantly froze in place.  I didn’t know what to say or do.  What could I say?  What could I do?  I looked down at myself.  I was still wearing my black slacks and light blue button down shirt with a nice tie.  Nervously, I looked back at the stall.  Then it came to me and with confidence I turned back around.

“Someone called my desk and said the toilets flush backwards in this bathroom.  I had to see it for myself.”  I chuckled as I walked out of the bathroom.

Who could blame me for being curious and having the maturity of a child.  I handled that like a boss.

I walked back to my desk where I proceeded to get back to work.  It didn’t take long for my phone to start ringing.  When I looked down at the caller ID it was my boss’s name.

“Johnson! I heard you were in the woman’s tenth floor restroom.  Is it true the toilets flush backwards there?”

I covered the phone receiver and laughed evilly.  “Yes sir they do.  I have never seen anything like it before.”

HR is going to hate me… It was worth it.