Where have I been? What am I doing?

I have been off the blogging grid for a little while now.  Less than a month after I graduated I started a new job in the protective services area which has kept me busy and I moved to another city, albeit only one city over, but both those things have been taking up all my time.  Now that I have settled in my new apartment, gotten used to the job, and had several days off in a row I have had time to come back to my writing more than a few hundred words of a short story.

In a couple of hours you will find a review for a book I read, The False Princess by Eilis O’Neal.  As of now though I am going to stop reviewing or writing anything about the Joe Gunther Mystery Series.  It isn’t because I have stopped reading it, it is instead because I no longer feel the need to review Archer Mayor’s work because at this point his writing style doesn’t appear to have changed at all in the last few books.  I will continue to add the books to my reading list though and maybe when I am done with the series I will write a post about it.

Keep tuned!

Archer Mayor’s The Dark Root

The Dark Root by Archer Mayor takes Joe Gunther into the world of Asian crime.  It starts out with a home invasion that has links back to a past crime and from their Lieutenant Gunther must find his suspects who travel illegally between the United States and Canada, where he has no authority.  As he continues on the case Gunther suspects the ensuing violence is more than just regular gang violence.

Archer Mayor’s writing style has definitely improved since his first books and this book flows a lot more.  This book covers a fair amount of time and handles serious issues.  Archer Mayor handles these well by finding ways to handle the time.  While some of the other books were impersonal Archer Mayor deals with feelings in this book and portrays them as they would appear to readers, the outsiders.

More on NaNoWriMo and Recent Signings


As a follow up to the post announcing my completement of  NaNoWriMo I figured that I should include one last word count bar.

For this post I choose the slightly different style widget for a reason.  It may sound superficial and a little like bragging but complete NaNoWriMo and you will see what I mean.  This widget displays the red word WINNER.  Seeing that on your badge gives you an amazing feeling.  There is also now one replacing theparticipantbadge on the right side.  Also there is one at the bottom of the page for when the right side one is removed.  Congratulations to all of the other NaNo winners out there!

Recent Signings

In the last five days I have been  lucky enough to attend two amazing author’s signings.

Archer Mayor in Wellington. He signed my copy of his most recent book “For Ian- To a brighter future in blue – Archer Mayor”.

Believe it or not I had not planned to get a book signed by one of my favorite authors while in Vermont.  But since he was part of my inspiration for wanting to work there I was looking at his website as my Dad and I talked about him.  I happened to pull up his appearances page and there he was, in a town not 25 minutes from where I was.  Meeting him made an awesome trip perfect.

Jim Butcher’s signature was a little less personalized but still there 🙂 “To Ian – Jim Butcher”

Sorry Jim that you had to follow that other signing but you came after.  Your trip was planned though.  I had seen that you were coming to town the first day that you posted it on your blog.  Then as soon as tickets became available I got one.  The signing was great as was the Q&A.  P.S. I get to write a page on the overall experience for class credit.

 You need to tell yourself: You can do this, you can be a writer.

What would Harry Do?

(Referring to your dreams) You’ve got to make to make it yourself.

Over all both signings were great and it was nice to meet my two favorite authors!

Fruits of the Poisonous Tree by Archer Mayor

Fruits of the Poisonous Tree is the next book in the Joe Gunther Mystery series by Archer Mayor and as he announces in the beginning of the book, it is his first book in the series in which there is no murder that starts off the book.  Instead Fruits of the Poisonous Tree is heralded by a rape that hits close to home.  Upon investigating the rape they uncover a string of similar rapes nearby.  At the same time Lt. Gunther has to deal with the victim standing up and not wanting to be anonymous.  Can he catch the rapist before he strikes again?

As with previous books his writing has improved over time.  In this book Mayor uses a lot of realism of the event to create a realistic environment and adds emotion in on top to level it off.  The fact that the book deals with a rape and not a murder has no effect on the series.  The investigation is quite similar to the past murder investigations.  It left me wanting to read the next book in the series.