Short Story Review: A Man To Die For

A Man To Die For

It isn’t often that I read or write outside of my normal genres: Fiction, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Recently I was on Scribophile when I saw a fellow Scribophile user had published their short story on Amazon. Wanting to help a fellow writer from Scribophile I read the short story despite it not being a genre that I normally write in.

Here is the Amazon Link:

Here is the description from Amazon:

Aishling marries a kind, decent man who gradually turns into a violent monster. When she finally leaves him she thinks it’s the start of a new life for herself and her kids. But will Josh ever let her go?

Aishling (an interesting name) is a moving character that portrays a modern woman who is suffering from domestic violence. All she wants to do is believe that her husband is a good person and keep the family together. Then, Aishling believes it is all her fault. Finally, it moves into the part where Aishling must escape.

Time and time again this is what we hear about domestic violence victims go through. It is a whole different story to be put in a victim’s shoes. And the ending? Something you would never expect.

Despite being what I thought would be a drama, there was quite the mix of writing in the book. Val mixes in action, suspense, and thriller aspects to this piece.

I read this book and really enjoyed it. If you have Amazon Unlimited I highly recommend you try reading the book for free. Otherwise, it is just 99 cents.

Val Collins does a great job at writing and what impresses me more is that she has self-published this short story to Amazon. Something I don’t think I have ever seen before. It is an inspiration. I hope to see Val go far and grow as an author.