Snowflaking Detective 139 (Snowflake Method)

In the past, I did an article where I used the snowflake method to start really simple and build up on a description of the story.  I took Detective 139 and did the same.  I started with one sentence and went all the way up to a one-page description.

Remember that this is still very early on in the story writing process and there might be multiple changes made throughout writing.  Take a look at the various different stages of brainstorming.  Don’t forget to click Read More to see the three paragraph and whole page!

One Sentence

Detective 139 is the story of Detective Lincoln Thomas who loses both his partner and life spirals down from there, until he takes a mandated vacation which isn’t as innocent as the psychologist thought.

One Paragraph

Detective Lincoln Thomas is getting ready to serve a warrant as part of anti-gang task force when his partner takes a shotgun blast that also wounds Lincoln.  His partner is dead before she hits the ground but he is able to crawl back wounded.  A year after the incident a department psychologist orders that Lincoln go on vacation.  When a dead body turns up the morning after he gets there, he knows that his vacation won’t be all peaceful.

Three Paragraphs

Detective Lincoln Thomas is getting ready to serve a warrant on a gang house when a shotgun blast rips the morning.  His partner Detective Rosemary, goes down with the first shot and as Lincoln goes to draw his gun, he falls to the ground, also shot.  Lincoln is upset and frustrated.

Washington State Patrol agrees to a lateral transfer after Lincoln takes time off to recover because Seattle Police had become toxic to his health.  A year after the lateral transfer Detective Thomas is still noticing side effects from the trauma experienced during the incident.  The department psychologist that Lincoln had been working with orders that he take a vacation.

The Sun Mountain Hotel had an opening and he booked a Christmas vacation.  Upon arriving he isn’t thrilled with the accommodations.  The first night he meets a wonderful woman and when morning comes, her friend turns up dead.  Heavy snow and dangerous conditions make it impossible for law enforcement to get up to Sun Mountain Hotel.  Instead, Detective Thomas must come out of his depression in order to protect everyone at the hotel.

Whole Page

Detective Lincoln Thomas is with his partner Rosemary Parkins getting ready to serve a warrant on a gang house when a shotgun blast rips through the morning air.  Rosemary is hit and falls to the ground.  Lincoln pulls her back and behind a retaining wall on the sidewalk before he realizes he has been hit to.  He tries to provide first aid on both himself and her but fails.

The death of Rosemary Parkins hits Lincoln hard.  Lincoln had been a detective’s detective and against women joining the force. Rosemary had changed his mind and he had become close with her.  Like he believed partners should be.  He takes several months off before coming back to work for the anti-gang/anti-crime task force.  Something still isn’t right.

The solution, is to transfer to a different department.  Lincoln gets approval to perform a lateral transfer to the Washington State Patrol.  A year after that transfer, Lincoln’s issues had still not been resolved.  His department issued psychologist ordered that he take a vacation.  Not knowing what to do or where to go, Lincoln turned to the internet and found a last minute opening at the Sun Mountain Hotel.

On his way to the remote hotel, Lincoln encounters a fierce snowstorm that sets the mood for the trip.  When he arrives at the Sun Mountain Hotel, the price of the room is not apparently justified.  Wet floors in the lobby hadn’t been mopped and dried, the lobby was pretty standard, and the service was just below what he expected.

That night at the bar though, Lincoln meets a woman that peaks his interest.  The woman isn’t alone though.  When he decides not to approach her, she eventually comes up to him as her friend makes a move on someone else.  The two hit it off with nothing but conversation.

Another morning comes and Lincoln wakes up to people screaming and lots of commotion.  He throws on yesterday’s clothes and walks downstairs and outside to the source of the commotion.  What he finds is hotel staff blocking off an area of the grounds.  Through some pressing he finds that a woman’s body had been found burnt, missing a limb.

Several hours later police still can’t make it up the mountain due to the storm and Lincoln has to ditch the awful mood and get back into being a detective.  One who can solve the case without getting caught up in personal problems.

After analyzing the situation and seeing his date upset, Lincoln comes to the realization that it is time to let the baggage go.  It may not be instantaneous, but he would have to start getting serious.  Through pushing himself to do more and get better, Lincoln starts to piece the clues together and what he finds is far from what anyone expected.

Whoever killed the woman, it wasn’t their first time killing, and it wouldn’t be their last.  Before the power goes out, Lincoln uses the internet to find out that there had been similar cases across the Pacific Northwest that stopped about 4 years ago.  Now they had returned and it would his responsibility to stop the killing.

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