Skeleton’s Knee

Lt. Joe Gunther has had his fair share of difficult investigations, but when an autopsy reveals a hospital patient died of a bullet that had been in his body for years Joe Gunther’s day gets even harder.  While searching the dead patient’s house for clues they discover a second body, this one as old as the bullet wound and the only identifier left is the skeleton’s artificial knee.  Transporting the skeleton ends up to be almost fatal as an unknown assailant opens up fire on the vehicle carrying the body.  This is not to be the last time Lt. Gunther is shot at in this case.

In Chicago trying to track down the doctor who put in the artificial knee Lt. Gunther encounters more problems then back home.  After getting someone killed, Lt. Gunther is not only shot at again but meets the mob and gets captured.

I know I have said it before but again Archer Mayor has improved his writing.  Not only has he significantly reduced occurrences of multiple people talking in one paragraph (something my non-fiction writing professor also doesn’t like) but Mayor successfully weaves one of his most detailed cases yet.  I can’t wait to finish the next book!

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