Scrivener is a great program that allows a writer control of their digital work place.  For the story itself Scrivener breaks down the chapters into folders and the scenes into different text documents.  These can then be exported into a manuscript and the export settings can be tweaked so that it is formatted to your liking or standards.

It then provides you with folders for planning out your story such as locations and characters.  Each planning folder is made up of text documents that can be viewed in different formats.  The added bonus?  You can create your own planning categories such as ideas, timeline, whatever you want.  The program is quite versatile.

I know I have probably missed a lot of important parts, but I have been saving the best part for last.  If you participated in NaNoWriMo 2013 and won you get 50% off.  If you didn’t participate/win this year don’t fear, it will more than likely be on next years winner perks.

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