My Work

Thank you for checking out my portfolio.  Any works that are not links are available upon request.  It is also possible to find some of them on Scribophile.  If they are available on scribophile it will be marked.  This list is not currently complete.  I am going through old files to try and find and refresh writing.  I am also recovering files from my computer problems over the summer.

Writers in New York Portfolio

The Creek
Available on Scribophile
The Creek is the story of Tex, a special forces operator, who gets a date with his high school crush.  When he leaves to go back on deployment his unit encounters action that may prevent him from returning home.
Witch Hunt
Available on Scribophile
The story of an early age Witch being chased by Zealots of a competing religion that had moved in and convinced the crown that Witchcraft is evil.

Non-Fiction Writing Portfolio from ENGL 311

Close to Home
Close to Home is my story of my first time dealing with death working as a Public Safety Officer.
Even Bad Days Start Normal
Even Bad Days Start Normal is my story of finding out about my birthmother’s death.
On Playing Airsoft
On Playing Airsoft is a piece on what playing the sport of airsoft is like.  It is both personal and informative.