Novlr: An Online Tool For Writers

Hello All!  During the month of November I used a service called Novlr to write Shao Island.  The service is an online writing platform.  It allows you to network your writing so you can access it from anywhere.

Overall Novlr was exactly what I was looking for, a platform for creative writers that is online.  This platform provided a place to write your actual story and a place to write notes.  It was clean and had multiple themes to make writing at different times of day easier.  It also allowed for download in a nicely formatted manuscript.

What I didn’t like?  The price.  Novlr charges $10 per month.  For the month of November, it was free for NaNoWriMo participants.  Scribophile, a similar program for the computer, is a one time charge.  To pay $10 seems excessive.

I also noticed that it went down at least three times that I can remember during National Novel Writing Month.  For a service that should be up during one of the busiest times, that was disappointing.  It also took away some of my writing time.  The worst part of it was that there was no notifications on their website that they were doing maintenance or anything, just a page saying the website was unavailable.

Lastly, I didn’t like the fact that the word count tracking for NaNoWriMo kept turning itself off.  It also would track all words written, whether in the NaNoWriMo piece or not.  Also deleted words at times.  The normal word count feature on the document worked properly, though.

Overall I would use the program for free if there weren’t alternatives to it available for free online.  As is, I would not pay for the service.  Maybe down the road as the company has more time to work on their service I would consider utilizing it.  The main writing function of it operates well enough that down the road there is potential.

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