National Novel Writing Month 2015

Today marks the beginning of a tedious and long month.  One full of every emotion that a writer is capable of feeling.  Cue National Novel Writing Month 2015.  As with the past three years I am once again returning to the Battlefield that is NaNoWriMo with the novel Bound By Allegiance.

What is National Novel Writing Month 2015?

National Novel Writing Month 2015

National Novel Writing Month 2015 is the 16th year of the famous month where there is only one goal: write a novel with a minimum of 50,000 words.

This project spans the globe.  It started with 21 people in 1999 and has since expanded to many, many people.  Participants support each other with a helping word, an inspirational image, or an enchanting song.  Local libraries, coffee shops, bookstores, and more host events for the writers who participate in this novel adventure.

Outsiders tend to take two different opinions of National Novel Writing Month 2015: it’s really easy or it’s impossible.  Well, neither viewpoint is true.  It is completely possible but it isn’t an easy task.  It involves long hours of writing that will make your fingers tired.

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What to Expect From Me From National Novel Writing Month 2015?

As always November will be a busy month for me with work on top of National Novel Writing Month 2015 but it is also one of my most active blogging months.  I like to keep my readers up to date on my story and its progress.  I have been told by readers that they like to see a novel as it progresses.

So, that means that twice week, at a minimum, you will see a post about the progress of the novel.  In these posts you will see some of the content from the novel, the word count, and any challenges I experienced during the week.

In addition to that you will see more frequent posts about writing.  There will also be a widget on my website with my word count so that you don’t have to wait for the bi-weekly post to keep up with my progress.

National Novel Writing 2015: Boundy By Allegiance Synopsis

Here is what I have for a synopsis.  It is in the works.

Lt. Jasper Riley is thrown from a tragic special mission straight into training with a new agency, one he has never heard of before.  The Global Defense Union takes Riley and trains him in space combat so that he can join a unit of augmented soldiers to protect and defend Earth and explore the stars.

On his first assignment to the GDU Allegiance, a first of its class Battlecruiser, they encounter a new species of alien.  The Shavara are found to be a warring race with no interest in being allies with the human race.  In fact, they want to destroy the human race.  After a violent battle the GDU Allegiance limps back to Earth.

Can Earth be warned in time?  Can the Allegiance evacuate key players from Earth in order to preserve the human race as per the Zeta Protocol?

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