NaNoWriMo Update

I am at just over 3200 words and just about at where I want to be.  The writing is coming along well and I am going to include a small sample of where the story is so far.




After picking up my black coffee from the counter at the McChord Air Force Base Starbucks I sat down in a chair in the far corner of the room, by the employee exit.  As I sat down in the chair I scanned the few other tables that occupied the room.  She hadn’t arrived yet.  I sipped my coffee and straightened my suit out.

I didn’t have to wait long.  A redhead in Air Force ACUs walked through the door.  Her hair was pulled up into the regulation bun and she had her cap under her hand.  She nodded to me and went to the counter to get a drink of her own before joining me at my table.  The uniform fit her well, as did the 2nd Lieutenant’s bars that were on her collar.  SarahJane Taylor had finally graduated from University of Washington and finished her training as a USAF Security Forces officer.

“Hello SarahJane.”  I said with enthusiasm, I had truly missed her.

“That suit fits you surprisingly well Army.”  Of course she knew I was in the Army, I had been in Army ROTC when I was in school with her.

“They don’t have you doing anything yet?”  I asked her, but I knew the answer to that.  That was why I was here.

“No, everytime I ask about my orders I keep getting told they are trying to decide where to send me.

“Have anything you really want to do?”

“At this point, it has been two months of not being assigned anywhere.  I would almost take anything.”

“Well what if I have a job offer for you LT?”

“I am listening.”

What I do isn’t exactly Military Police work.  I work for Task Force 172.”  I unclipped my badge from my belt and showed her discretely.  There wasn’t anything about the badge by itself that was secretive, I just didn’t want to make a scene.

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