NaNoWriMo Synopsis – Day 17 Update

Hello all!  I am still writing for today and there are still 13 days left in the month so my NaNoWriMo synopsis is open to change.  But I wanted to provide you with how it has already changed since the start of the month.

NaNoWriMo Synopsis

Project Blue Book was enacted to study UFO sightings and ended in 1970.  It stirred many questions about whether aliens could be a threat to national security.  But what if Project Blue Book wasn’t just about UFO sightings.  What if it was about more than sightings?

Jasper Riley is a special forces operator with years of experience.  Especially, years being unconventional.  When one of his teammates , one who he is especially close with, dies he expects time to grieve.  No time is given to him and he is transferred to a new unit.  One that is so classified that he doesn’t know exactly what they do.

Riley is recruited to Project Blue Book.  He learns about the years of covert space travel based on a crashed UFO and contact with alien races.

Trained as a team leader Riley is assigned to the GDU Allegiance, a first of its class ship.  When the ship encounters the Shavara it comes under heavy attack.  Despite the damage the Allegiance is still faster than the Shavara ships and makes it back in time to warn Earth.

Will it come in time?  Will Earth listen to the warnings?  Will it do any good?

NaNoWriMo Details

So far I have gotten behind my word count goal twice but I have caught up both times.  Family coming to town and a trip to Portland, OR don’t help you stay on track with your writing.  Here is the graph for my current progress.

NaNoWriMo Synopsis

As you can see today’s bar shows that I am under the mark and that is true but that is because I took a short break to write my new NaNoWriMo synopsis.  Once I am done with this post I am going to go right back to writing.

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