NaNoWriMo Start: Chapter 1 of Detective 139

Today’s word count is a little bit behind where it should be on day 2 but I exceeded it on day one.  Day one, I finished with 1945 words.  Want to see where I am at right now?  Take a look at this live tracker:

Later tonight I will get this tracker posted on the page somewhere so you will be able to see it no matter what post or page you are viewing but until then here it is.

Want to read the first chapter of Detective 139?  Here it is below.

Everything around 1138 Sparrow Avenue was typical Seattle behavior. Traffic slugged along, people walked by a couple of blocks away, and birds flew overhead singing their song. Not much distinguished the day from any other in the Central District of Seattle, Washington. In a way the day was normal for Detective Lincoln Thomas too. A veteran of the anti-gang task force, he was used to these kind of raids.

He looked down the block again taking in the neighborhood. A low retaining wall ran down the side of the street that the subject’s side of the street. It would be great for cover. No one in any of the houses appeared to be looking outside. The SWAT team was staging right down the block, getting ready for action.

With luck, no one would know that they were coming. And everyone will stay inside, he added as a side thought. Lookie loos while a raid went down never ended well.

“Zebra 1 to Delta 2, the team is readied up.”

“Copy, Delta 2 to Dispatch, we are rolling.”

Lincoln turned the Ford Explorer on but didn’t start moving. He waited for the rumble of the Lenco Bearcat to come down the street. About the size of a military armored personnel carrier, the Bearcat was designed to keep the SWAT team safe in any situation they encountered. Just before the large unit could cut off the street Lincoln pulled the Explorer in front of the house and the two detectives exited the vehicle.

Detective Parkins carried her tactical shotgun at the low ready while Lincoln’s Glock 17 was at his side. Together, with the synchronicity that comes from years of working together, the two moved straight to the retaining wall and took up positions. Prior to approaching the house the SWAT team had to be out of the Bearcat and ready to move.

The Bearcat came to a sudden, lurching stop in front of the house and the SWAT team started exiting the vehicle with practiced haste. Lincoln’s partner Detective Rosemary Parkins took point and walked up the steps towards the front porch of the house.

A latch noise echoed through the air in a way that only an adrenaline filled moment could notice. Lincoln dropped to one knee and raising his gun. Rosemary’s tactical shotgun was already up as a scrawny white mail with sagging pants came out on the porch. He stepped to the side, away from the door. Bringing with him the attention of most,if not all, of the officers on scene.

Both his hands were at his sides but also open in a gesture that indicated he meant no harm.

“Hands up, now!” Voices from the SWAT team echoed Detective Thomas’s command.

A stalemate began as the man stood there with his hands up. Moving up on him would put officers at risk from the fatal funnel of the front door. The man slowly started moving to his knees but still his hands didn’t raise from his sides.

One hand started behind his back and every eye from every officer went to the man. At that same moment a racking of a shotgun was clearly audible and another man came out of the front door with a shotgun leveled at the walkway up to the house. He continued a few steps before it was clear he was going to shoot. It seemed like the few steps took minutes but it all happened in less than a second.

Cutting through the slowness in everyone’s mind, the shotgun blast was loud. One shot was all that the man got off. Gunshots ripped through the air as Lincoln watched blood come out of Rosemary’s back. Before her body could hit the ground, Lincoln grabbed the drag handle on Rosemary’s ballistic vest and eased her fall to the ground. After she was down on the ground, he pulled her back down the stairs and behind the retaining wall.

Behind the wall Lincoln fell to one knee. His other leg flopped on the ground, there was no pain but he could not put any weight on his leg. He pulled Rosemary up so her back was against his chest and held his gun out in the direction of the house. With his free hand he patted her up and down to find blood coming from her stomach, waist, and leg.

Shadows fell over the two as officers covered them. Lincoln was pulled away and he felt pressure on his left leg. Before there was no pain but now, the pain was extensive. He tried to pull his way towards his partner to see if she was okay.

“Detective, stop. We need to treat your leg. Our team medic is treating your partner.” The voice was faint, like a whisper in the background.

Pressure on his leg increased and Lincoln finally took the time to sit up to look. His upper leg had several holes in it and it was bleeding onto the ground. Just before everything went black, the last thing he saw was the team medic shaking his head towards whoever was tending his wound.

No… he screamed in his head.

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