NaNoWriMo Printed Copies

As I mentioned before, I had the FedEx store print out two copies of Shao Island for me.  I have picked up both copies and they are great!  Way better than I expected.

My order was about 69 pages long, double sided.  I ordered both books to have a “antique” colored cover.  The cover color was not quite what I was expecting but it does differentiate the cover from the rest of the document, which, I guess was its purpose.

Each piece of paper is of high quality. They feel durable and while I have only bent one so far, it was able to withstand it.  While I realize that I didn’t purchase the highest quality paper that FedEx has, I was a little surprised by how much my pens bled through. As you can see in the above picture, and below picture, both blue and orange pens bled through noticably.  The bleeding does not interfere with the reading of the document though.  It also does not upset me because I realize that I didn’t order the thickest paper.  I’ll do that for the final copy.

I ordered the document bound with a spiral.  Based on past binding projects I have gotten from other sources, I was expecting a plastic binding with little teeth.  This was a legitamate spiral binding that holds my book together quite nicely.

A Sample of Revision

As I told you, I have been working to revise Shao Island.  Here is a sample of some of the revision.

Passing a leather ball between the two of us, Chelsea and I raced down the street of the Merchant District.  We dodged, weaved, and ducked around those who were selling their wares and traveling the strets.  As we ran, we took turns passing the ball harder and harder between us.  The competition fueled by each pass of the ball.

I grabbed the ball from midair and threw it at Chelsea with most of my strength.  When the ball left my hand I immediately knew that I had thrown it too hard but it was too late to take the throw back. Like a rock it thwacked into Chelsea’s right abdomen.  There was fire in her eyes as she cranked her arm back to throw the ball at me.  Looking at her side then at me, a mischievous look spread across her face.

Chapter 1 has already been completely revised and it will be posted on Scribophile soon.  Once it has gone through a phase or two of Scribophile editing, I will post the chapter again.

Keep an eye out for more of my posts to come. I have a variety of ideas for posts and will continue to keep you updated.

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