NaNoWriMo Day 22 Update

Hello All!  I am doing well on my word count, even a little bit ahead so far for the day which is nice!  I plan to try and keep it that way.  If things keep on this track I will finish on time, if not early.  I am excited to bring a great version of Shao Island to you.

Keep reading to see a character inspiration picture of Alyssa Branch from Shao Island.

My word count might have been higher if Novlr, the service I am using to write this year, hadn’t gone down today.  It is back up now and we will see how much I can get done.

Word Count: 37,176

One of the main characters in Shao Island is Alyssa Branch.  She is a black haired beauty with freckles.  She isn’t super thin but is between fit and thin.  Alyssa is a strong, young lady.  I have put her age at 19.

Today I tried to find a picture that made me think of her.  I turned to Google and ended up finding a Pinterest for Character Inspiration.

Here is the photo that I found on Pinterest that makes me think of Alyssa.


I also included another photo that I found that reminded me of her in the Featured Image for this post.  This image comes from  The main difference between this picture and Alyssa’s description, is that Alyssa has longer hair.

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