NaNoWriMo 2017: Detective 139 Character – Detective Lincoln Thomas

NaNoWriMo 2017 is getting even closer, and as it gets closer I have prepared even more for the process of writing. I want to have as much background done as possible before November comes so that I can spend the majority of my time writing. Today we are going to talk about the main character, Lincoln Thomas. I filled out a character sheet like I talked about in the Snowflake Method post I did and here is a quick sample from it.

Detective Lincoln Thomas

Lincoln is an old school cop, one that some people would refer to as a cop’s cop. Stuck in the old way of doing stuff despite being young. As a rookie he was trained by a seasoned and salty field training officer. Then again as a detective he got trained by another hard nock detective who helped to reinforce that mindset. As he worked his way up the ranks into the anti-crime group, Detective Thomas has a good record for busts and solves. Nothing too stellar but nothing to be ashamed of.

One thing that Detective Lincoln Thomas believes heavily in is the sacred bond between partners. When he partnered with Detective Rosemary Parkins he was at first hesitant to be working with a female detective. She quickly won Lincoln over and they became inseperable. Much to the annoyance of Lincoln’s long term girl friend, Lilla.

After the death of Rosemary Lincoln starts to fall apart. Once a strong man he loses his control, until he starts to rebuild himself with a lateral transfer to the Washington State Patrol. With much indifference towards the process, Lincoln starts counciling where they work towards the roots of his problems. Besides the trauma inflicted by the incident Lincoln’s shrink comes to the conclusion that he isn’t spending as much time outside of work socializing as he could.

Attempts to change that while still working don’t go well. Because of that he gets ordered to take a vacation by the shrink. Begrudgingly he complies. Not sure that time away from work would help. He wants to face the problem head on.

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