NaNoWriMo 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 is here folks and its time to reveal what is going on with my writing.  I am feeling a little unsure this year about what I am doing but I have an idea and a rough outline.  Work has stressed me out a lot but I can and will win again this year.

My current title is Training SarahJane.  As of right now it will be from multiple points of view, starting off with James Derrick, a college graduate who is a new special forces team leader.  He is new to the job but when he is told to put together his own team he knows exactly who he wants on it.  SarahJane Taylor.  SarahJane was two years behind James in college and now that she has graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and is in the Air Force, having completed Air Force ROTC James recruits her over to the team.

SarahJane gets more than she expected when she learns about this undercover unit that doesn’t quite report to anyone that she can tell.  People appear to have been pulled from all agencies and branches of the military.  She finds the training hard but the reality of the missions that the new team handles is even harder.  Especially when her first mission starts having unexpected consequences.

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