NaNo 2017: Meet Jarson Pike “The Limb Stealer”

With today being Halloween, I thought I would introduce everyone to the killer from Detective 139. This will be my first time writing a character like this so bear with me and expect change. Also, remember that while reading the NaNoWriMo that most of this will be unknown to Detective Lincoln Thomas. Without further ado, let’s meet Jarson Pike, The Limb Stealer.

Jarson has spent the last four years living in a cabin in the woods of the Snoqualmie Pass. The cabin is remote enough to not be bothered but close enough to everywhere that it wasn’t overly suspicious. On the outside, the cabin appears to a passerby as worn down and his truck matched the appearance, an old Ford pick-up truck. Red in color with rust here and there. The appearance of both was just a facade.

At the age of 6, Jarson’s father was killed by a police officer after a mugging in Germany. Just a year after his father’s death, Jarson’s mother remarried. The new father was never accepted by his step-son.

His father’s death triggered something in him and he had fantasies of being a criminal from then on. Dreams would come to him at night of killing animals. Then at the age of 12 the dreams escalated to him killing people. Those were just dreams but they didn’t stay that way. As Jarson grew up he started with actually killing animals and worked his way up.

Jarson started off by killing his step-father who was abusive. The death was partially accidental. He had caught his step-father hitting his mother and a fight ensued. A broken broom that Jarson used to defend himself ended up going through the man’s neck. Then his mother threw herself at him. He killed his mother too. Something that he felt pleasure from but regretted at the same time. Out of some twisted urge, Jarson ate a limb from both of his victims. Thus began his ritual.

Eventually the heat became too hot in Germany and Jarson moved to the United States. He traveled between a few states and then took a break from killing. Through his years of killing, Jarson was an expert at hiding evidence. While the deaths were on the radar of law enforcement, he managed to evade police for years.

A detective got close to cracking the case and Jarson moved to his secluded Snoqualmie Pass hideout where he resisted the urge for four years before going back to killing. Enter Detective Thomas’s first night at the Sun Mountain Hotel.

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