I currently complete freelance work on two major websites, Fiverr and Elance.  If you would like to see samples of my work please head over to my freelance portfolio.  If you are interested in hiring me please either visit my Fiverr page or request a quote.

Services I Provide

I provide a wide variety of writing services.  The main service I provide is content or article writing through my Fiverr gig.  There are a variety of other services that I provide through custom orders/special requests:

  • Landing page writing
  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Resume design and writing
  • App and website overviews
  • Reviews (if the product or website is available)

Services I Do Not Provide

I do not provide review writing services if I do not have access to the product or website.  I have lines I will not cross and this is one of them because I don’t want my name being connected with fake reviews.  I believe that reviews are there for a purpose and that should not be violated.


On Fiverr I provide multiple services that involve writing, editing, and formatting.  My most popular gig on Fiverr is writing 700 words worth of blog posts or articles.