Exercise: Touch, Feel, Taste. Use your senses.

In this exercise we were asked to go back to the place we observed or to our favorite place and describe it using all of our senses.  Here is my attempt at it.  You may notice it lacks taste, I didn’t want to taste the empty lot.  I am not sure how hygenic it is.

The field as I described it visually has not changed.  The colors are still brown, green, and shades in between.  Sounds over power most senses in this part of town.  Martin Luther King Jr. Way is busy, the noise of cars during the day is loud.  The only noise that overpowers that of the cars is the sound of the Light Rail passing by.  As it crosses the main side street the it blows a dysfunctional horn.  At night without the sound of the traffic or light rail you can hear people yelling or the sounds of wildlife.

Smell is indiscernible from the nearby area.  You can smell the gas from cars that go by.  The city smells overwhelm any of those produced by the plants.  I feel through my shoes the unevenness of the ground.  Piles of dirt, slopes, and other obstructions change how I feel the ground.

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