Well I have sad news for you folks.  Computer number two just bit the dust so while I was writing an article, it is going to take a little longer.  Expect it later this week.

A summary of the most recent Joe Gunther book I read is coming.

And by the way, check out http://thebravenewword.com/ .  Submissions open tomorrow.  And our first issue is out.

Broken Computer

For those of you who don’t know, the backlight on my computer went out.  Posts will be hard because I can no longer bring my computer to work until it is repaired.  I have been spending a lot of time at work (several 12 and 14 hour shifts included).  Just so you know, I haven’t stopped writing.

Writer’s Digest Magazine

Back before my blog went down I had a post about my Writer’s Digest Magazine arriving in the mail torn up.  Below is the picture of that magazine.

Well a new issue arrived yesterday, guess what it looked like?

The issue originally came in plastic wrap and was perfectly flat when the mailmain delivered it.  This hints that it was torn before wrapped.  Last time I tried to contact Writer’s Digest I never heard back from them.  As you can expect I am not that happy.