Major Website Changes and an Update

Hello readers!  I have gone through and greatly changed how my website looks and where things appear.  This is due to my entry into the freelancing industry and needing to get my name out there.

When I originally started working on Fiverr I didn’t think it was going to lead to much of anything.  Boy have I been surprised so far.  At the time of writing this I have made over $172 in the first couple of months alone.  This does not even include the projects that I am currently working on.

Additionally, I have been trying to break into writing on Elance and have gotten my first gig on there.  That one is still in progress and I will try to update you a little more on that as it goes along.

With my day job and freelancing my writing time has been very low.  I am trying to change that and hope to have some more posts to you soon.  I also wanted to let you know that for now Training SarahJane has been put on the bookshelf to be worked on later.  A lot of critiquers were saying that it didn’t look like it could go anywhere and I want to try my hand at something else.  I plan to return to it sometime in the future.


Recently I discovered this website called Fiverr.  Fiverr is a great place for people who are looking to sell services who don’t work for a big company.  They essentially facilitate people who are trying to make their own small businesses.  It serves as a great place for people who are looking to purchase high quality services that they would not normally have access to.  Hop on over and take a look at their website:

I liked the website so much that I have created a selling section where I am selling my services as a writer.  If you are interested in purchasing those services head on over to my Fiverr page on my website or to their website.

Modifications to BIAM

Looking at my goal word count I realized that I had set it too high.  Becca Ross is on the fringe of being Young Adult and average word count for YA is well bellow that of my goal.  Additionally I feel like with my plan of the novel I am reaching to get to 120,000 words.  Instead I am going to make the word count 60,000 (a little bit above the goal for NaNoWriMo).  This is more in line with the 55,000 – 69,999 word count span of the average young adult novel.  This means the daily goal for word count is going to change to 2143 words per day.