The Young Ranger: Episode 4

Sorry about the delay in posting the next episode.  Preparing for NaNoWriMo takes time!

Episode 4: Woodcrafter Michael

After her meeting with the Earl, Laura was left in one hell of a bad mood.  Just the arrogance of the Earl to think he could control her!  Walking through the street, she could imagine her teacher, Tyler telling her that she should let it go.  A Ranger should never get emotional while on the job, the only thing that it served to do was skew the situation in one way and make it easier to miss something.

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The Young Ranger Episode 3

Back from my honeymoon with a new episode of The Young Ranger!

Episode 3: A Defenseless Town

At the entrance to the town, Laura stopped to ask the location of the local pub.  A woman in a quite standard dress informed her that there were two pubs in town.  Laura asked for the larger of the two and was directed down the street for about a three-minute slow ride and the pub would be on her left.  After thanking the lady, she headed off.

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The Young Ranger Episode 2

We are here with another installment of the Young Ranger.  If you want to read Episode 1, please click here.  To find out what happens when Laura rides into town, read next week’s episode.

The Young Ranger Episode 2: A New Home

Reigning in her horse Maddy, Laura pulled to a stop in a clearing that matched up with her map.  A pile of firewood was nicely stacked under a small shed, a cleared patch of dirty stood in the middle, and a planting patch took up the far side of the clearing.  There was also a small shed attached to the firewood shed that was meant to be a stable for the local ranger’s horse.

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