Calligraphr: Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font

As a writer I spend a lot of time typing on the computer and I like to break up the monotony by changing up the font.  While I can’t deliver most orders in handwriting fonts, I have a special attraction to writing with handwritten fonts.  One thing that I thought would always be cool would be to have my handwriting turned into a font.  In the past though, they used to charge for such as service and that was frustrating.  Now you have an option, Calligraphr.

Calligraphr is a website that allows you to write on a piece of paper then scan it into the computer.  Once scanned into the computer, your handwriting can quickly become a font.  The website can automatically convert your handwriting with no additional work needed by you.  I saw this and had to try it.  On the same day I found out about the website, I created an account and started to make my handwriting a font.

My first try was not that impressive.  It came out looking all uneven with sizes not matching.  Then I realized that it was because the printer printed the lines on the boxes haphazardly.  Now I went through and redid the writing and subscribed to a premium account temporarily.  This allowed me to add more characters and to edit them once I uploaded them.  My font is now nice enough that I can read it easily on the computer.

Here is a sample of it:

Calligraphr Sample

I am not getting paid to talk about Calligraphr so when I say that I have really enjoyed it as a fun writing tool, you can take my word.  Head on over and try making your own font.  With a little bit of extra work you can even make a really nice font for free without having to subscribe.  I just wanted to save some time and make my font extra nice.

Novlr: An Online Tool For Writers

Hello All!  During the month of November I used a service called Novlr to write Shao Island.  The service is an online writing platform.  It allows you to network your writing so you can access it from anywhere.

Overall Novlr was exactly what I was looking for, a platform for creative writers that is online.  This platform provided a place to write your actual story and a place to write notes.  It was clean and had multiple themes to make writing at different times of day easier.  It also allowed for download in a nicely formatted manuscript.

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Scrivener is a great program that allows a writer control of their digital work place.  For the story itself Scrivener breaks down the chapters into folders and the scenes into different text documents.  These can then be exported into a manuscript and the export settings can be tweaked so that it is formatted to your liking or standards.

It then provides you with folders for planning out your story such as locations and characters.  Each planning folder is made up of text documents that can be viewed in different formats.  The added bonus?  You can create your own planning categories such as ideas, timeline, whatever you want.  The program is quite versatile.

I know I have probably missed a lot of important parts, but I have been saving the best part for last.  If you participated in NaNoWriMo 2013 and won you get 50% off.  If you didn’t participate/win this year don’t fear, it will more than likely be on next years winner perks.