Bettering Me, A Journey To A Better Me

About a month ago I launched a blog for my weight loss goals.  I realized that I needed to get in better shape.  With my background in writing I decided that a blog would be a great way to help motivate my weight loss progress.  The blog is titled Bettering Me.

So far Bettering Me has over 40 posts with new ones coming out Monday through Friday.  Friends and family have expressed their interest in the blog and I am very happy with results.

Bettering Me is an example of my blog writing.

Those who are looking for samples of my work can visit Bettering Me to get an idea of my casual writing style.  Every post that has me labeled as the writer, is in fact, written by me.  While the main intention of Bettering Me is bettering me it will also serve as a portfolio enhancer for those who are looking to see more of my work.

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