Archer Mayor’s Open Season

Archer Mayor’s book Open Seasons won 4.5 stars with me.  Through out the book I was engrossed in what the character was doing if not always why.  Lt. Joe Gunther, the main character, is highly believable and in most cases likable.  In no way is he the perfect cop or person though.  He has his flaws from the Korean War haunting him, to romantic issues, all the way to big mess ups on the job.  All of these flaws help frame the character and make him more believable.

Lt. Gunther’s struggle to get his man keeps the reader invigorated even after several smoke screens.  Every time Gunther finds a new suspect or lead it is compromised.

My one big issue with the book was timeline.  In the beginning I had no idea what time period this was set in.  He mentioned Korean War and I was able to abstract a rough timeline after I did some math.  One of the last things you want to make your readers do though is math.  If this had not kept me wondering throughout a big chunk of the book I would have ratedOpen Season5.0.

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