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The Young Ranger Episode 1


Hello all!  I have started a new miniseries for my blog.  Every week or so I will post another 500 word section of Ranger Laura Selwyn.  These will be very short, glimpses into the fictional life of a ranger.  You will get to learn and grow with her as I create and develop the character.

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Eilis O’Neal’s The False Princess

Before I go into my review I first have to say I love this author’s name.  It is spelled Eilis O’Neal, but is pronounced A-lish.  That isn’t all though, her middle name is Arwen.   And according to her those have both been her names since birth (a.k.a. she hasn’t changed it).

The False Princess is Eilis’s first book.  I read it on Kindle so I am sure it is not the same as paper edition, it usually isn’t.  The reason I mention that I read the Kindle edition is that there were spelling errors and grammar errors.  They didn’t detract from the story – most of the time.  There were several times when I would be reading and the words would be out of order then I would have to read it again a couple times to get it right in my head.  This is a problem I have heard of being common in Kindle books, they don’t get as good of an editing job before they get published as the paper edition does.  It would be interesting to see if this was the case here too.  Other than these spelling errors I would give the book a 4.5 stars out of 5.  The story was a fun read and got done with it in three days.

The False Princess tells the story of a sixteen year old girl that finds out that she is not the real princess.  When she gets banished to a small village away from the palace she discovers she has magic and moves back to the capitol city.  Once there she discovers that her replacement might not be what everyone thinks she is and decides that she must figure out what is going on.  With out of control magic, friendships on the brink of being lost, and a crazy mentor, will Sinda be able to save the kingdom?

Find out for yourself at http://www.eilisoneal.com/the-false-princess/ or http://amazon.com.

First Two Paragraphs

Hello folks, here is the first two paragraphs of my current work Lady by Birth, Warrior by Heart.

“Quinn! Quinn!”  She heard her mother yelling her name from the direction of their family house.  For all of her mother’s ladyness she was sure good at yelling and being strict.

Shit.  Had she been out that long?  She must have lost track of time.  Her parents would be furious if she was not home for dinner on time.  Last time she was late for dinner because of her practice they made her stay inside for two weeks.  It was like she was a doll in a house.  She hated dolls, they were so delicate and little girly.  The sword was the kind of thing she liked to play with.

The Graceling Realm Series

Today I finished Bitterblue, the last last book in Kristin Cashore’s Graceling Realm Series. I started on book one and read straight through.  The series was great.  Author Cashore managed to start a series very much like Tamora Pierce where every book is about the same land yet stars a new character.

In the first book, Graceling, Katsa rebels against being a tool.  Graced with the ability to kill or maim anyone Katsa feels like that isn’t all she is good for.  True to her feelings she finds that the world holds more for her.  On her journey she meets people who are to be intertwined into the next two books.

The second book focuses on a kingdom Katsa only thought was a dream.  The Dells is a kingdom of Monsters, creatures we know with abnormal colors and mind control.  During the time period of the book the kingdom is on the breach of war, and the last human monster is the only one who can save it.

Bitterblue, the last book features a Queen that Katsa once helped aptly named, Queen Bitterblue.  The Queen is taking over a kingdom that was previously ruled by a mind reader and is in shambles.  It takes help from all of the characters from past books to get this kingdom where it needs to be.

The series is full of ever evolving secrets that keep the reader moving.  It isn’t a book for the youngest teens but anyone old enough to know about sex who enjoys fantasy will enjoy this series.  My one criticism being that at times Cashore seams to bring in  modern day terminology and few things that just don’t fit with the time period but this goes mostly unnoticed.

Pick it up, read it, enjoy it.

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