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Goodbye Writer’s Block

I was on the Writer’s Digest website the other day and just reading through the large number of writing prompts that they have there when I stumbled across this one.  This writing prompt is essentially writing a breakup letter with writer’s block.  I thought the idea might be a little cheesy at first and was a little hesitant to start it.

Then I started to think about the idea and thought that it might be a great way to break the ice once again.  When I started writing the breakup letter with writer’s block, I felt empowered.  It made me feel creative and strong.

Want to try the prompt for yourself?  Take a look at it here.

I think that I might try to do one of these letters one a year or every so many months.  The amount of writing freedom I felt afterward was empowering.

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you, it’s me.  I have been suffering from our relationship for months, and before that on and off for more months.  The amount of time that we have been having this love/hate (mostly hate) relationship, has been detrimental to my fiction writing career.  I have been writing only my paid writing and have been ignoring most of my fun writing.

With a relationship as long as ours has been, it is hard to break this off.  But it is time this stops.

I mean to use prompts to make a difference in breaking our relationship but more importantly, I plan to use my joy of writing to terminate this relationship.

I know you will try to follow me in the writing world.  It is the poison of the creative to be followed by writer’s block.  You will not follow me.  This is my notice to you that it is time to stop.  If you do not stop, all that will happen is that you will be pushed back time and time again.  No matter how many times you have appeared in the past, you have always been burnt.  Remember these times, remember this letter, next time you choose to try and make an appearance.

Creativity cannot be beaten, it cannot be kept down.  Especially by something as pesky as a blockage of the mind.

Now it is time that this letter comes to an end.  I am sorry that I am not sorry we are terminating this long-term relationship.  All the best to you, somewhere other than my mind.  Preferably in some eternal nether where you will never attack another writer’s mind.

With Sincerity,

Ian, Chief of My Own Creativity

The Young Ranger Episode 2

We are here with another installment of the Young Ranger.  If you want to read Episode 1, please click here.  To find out what happens when Laura rides into town, read next week’s episode.

The Young Ranger Episode 2: A New Home

Reigning in her horse Maddy, Laura pulled to a stop in a clearing that matched up with her map.  A pile of firewood was nicely stacked under a small shed, a cleared patch of dirty stood in the middle, and a planting patch took up the far side of the clearing.  There was also a small shed attached to the firewood shed that was meant to be a stable for the local ranger’s horse.

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Why Writers Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Other Writers

One question that I get asked quite a lot is: are you jealous/afraid/hostile towards other writers?  With competition that goes on in other industries and in other hobbies, it is a reasonable question.  My answer is no, I am not.

I myself write because I find it fun.  Both my professional writing and hobby writing are all derived from the fact that I find the writing process challenging but at the same time, it is an escape from stress and anxiety.  If I am doing this for fun, why should I find anyone else a threat to my writing?

At the same time, I acknowledge that my professional writing is a business and I do have to attract clients to my services.  But that doesn’t mean I am competitive.  Every writer has their own niches that they work in.  I am upfront with clients when I don’t believe I can complete the work that they need.

When it comes to my fiction writing, I also believe that everyone has their own niche.  While one person may write about a magical kingdom, it won’t be the same as someone else’s kingdom.  Even if some of the ideas are similar.  This is because every person’s characters develop differently and are unique.

I encourage everyone who wants to write to take up the hobby.  It is a great way to learn more about yourself and to improve your general writing ability.  My love of writing has gotten me jobs but it has also allowed me to take on additional tasks at work such as report reviewing.

Do you want to take up writing?  Find a pen and paper, or a keyboard, and start writing today!

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